The Barmade

BarMade is an automatic bartender that can house any type of consumable liquid, and mix nearly any drink. BarMade accurately mixes a beverage, to a desired proportion, chosen by the consumer on a touch screen interface. Using features such as beverage tracking, inventory management and a custom drink app, BarMade will alleviate mixed drink inconsistencies and inventory issues within the restaurant and hotel industries. If you'd like to order your very own BarMade, or would like to know more please feel free to contact us.

This project originally started with the IEEE Design competition through Colorado State University where our own Liam Gallagher won first place with his collegue Matt Mihoover. From there Matt and him went separate ways and Laim entered into the Adventure Accelerator Program at CSU's College of Business. Along with the birth of this company came the birth of the Barmade.

This is the video they had used to originally enter into the program: Adventure Accelerator Barmade Video.

The Barmade The Barmade The Barmade The Barmade

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