Ben Akers

Benjamin Akers

Ben Akers is a cofounder of Blaze Electrical Engineering, an electrical engineering company that builds and designs automated drink making machines. Ben currently works in a team lead position for Colorado State University’s College of Business (CoB) Production Team. Ben worked in this full time position throughout the duration of his undergraduate career at CSU. During this time he led groups of three to ten student hourly employees, assigned production duties, and assisted in achieving a 99 percent success rates with CoB productions. Seasonally Ben worked as part of the maintenance staff for Evergeen Property Management during the summers in Fort Collins. Here Ben was responsible for operating various machinery to maintain property grounds, make purchases, and aid in maintenance procedures.  Prior to these two positions Akers worked as an All Purpose Clerk for King Soopers Grocers prior to attending CSU. This position formed the foundation of Ben’s customer service abilities, required him to manage register transactions, and stock shelves frequently.

Ben is a recent graduate of Colorado State University, completing his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration in the fall semester of 2013. During his four and half years at CSU, Ben majored in Management with emphases in Entrepreneurship and Supply Chain Management. Ben wrote a full-length business plan for a ‘Green Gym’ idea he had, combining his passion for entrepreneurship and environmental stewardship. In the spring of 2014, Ben and his two partners Liam and Zach from Blaze Electrical Engineering will be competing in the Venture Accelerator program at CSU, following a first place win in its original EE competition.

Outside of his professional life, Ben enjoys hobbies such as snowboarding, backpacking, photography, and fitness. He ties in his passion for teamwork and leadership by involving friends and family in these activities by coaching those interested and inviting them to join him frequently.